10 Things to Pray for Joe

Hello, Friends! Tomorrow Vice-President Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States. As I meditate on that today, my first thought is a question: How shall I pray for him? This is my short list.

10 Things to Pray for Joe

  1. First and foremost, I pray Joe has an eternity-changing encounter with the Son of God, Jesus Christ. I pray he come to know Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. I pray he come to grow in his faith and knowledge of God, and desire to honor God in every choice he makes, every order he signs, and every position he takes.
  2. I pray for his marriage. I pray his wife will be a source of love, comfort, mercy, and grace. I pray their days in the White House are a time of happiness and wellness for them and their family. I pray his wife will also come to know Christ as her personal Lord and Savior, and that she will support her husband in his spiritual growth.
  3. I pray for his family. It seems his children have a lot of brokenness in their heart and spirit, so I pray for their healing. I pray they are delivered from addiction. I pray they find Jesus and all He has for them. (My Prayer for Hunter)
  4. I pray for God’s hand of protection upon Joe and his loved ones.
  5. I pray Joe lead our nation with wisdom, compassion, and conscience.
  6. I pray he is surrounded by godly men and women in his Cabinet.
  7. I pray Joe will be sure to protect the unborn, and respect the sanctity of life.
  8. I pray he will be an even better friend to Israel than any former President.
  9. I pray he will guard what is unique and precious and divine about our country.
  10. I pray he will practice mercy.

My Prayer for Hunter

Hunter Biden is a troubled man.

I cannot bear looking at his pictures. They are images of a dead man. They make me sad, and my heart hurts for him.

Don’t get me wrong. Criminal behavior must be prosecuted. Justice is always the right thing.

HOWEVER, this man’s need for Jesus is clear.

As I have been reading the news, I found an article that excerpted an email he wrote himself in 2018. He reminisces about going to mass as a child, and then talks about what happened at the mass for his brother.

He writes: “For the first time in my life [I] prayed to [not] just my dead mother and my dead sister but also to my dead brother. And for the first time in my [life, I] prayed for me-and I asked please let me be with you please let me know you love me please let me forget please let me come.”

I don’t know what was behind this email, and it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that this guy is not really any different than most of the men we’ve met through New Brothers Fellowship. He has a much higher profile, and much bigger budget than anyone I’ve ever met in our out of jail, but money and fame don’t make a bit of difference when it comes to Eternity. One day Hunter will stand before God. He will either be washed by the blood of Jesus, or not. The sin he has committed in this life will either be remembered no more, his record expunged, or it will be the evidence that seals his conviction and condemns him to eternal death.

So, I am going to pray for Hunter to be saved. I feel very sad for him. I am very angry at what he and his father have done, but that doesn’t keep me from being so sorry for him and caring for his spiritual need.

Below is my prayer for Hunter. Will you pray with me for him—at least this one time?

Dear Heavenly Father:
I am coming to You today on behalf of Hunter Biden. My heart is troubled for him, Lord, and that has to be because of You. So, I will lift him up and intercede on his behalf, because I know that You love him.

Lord, my first request is that You please protect this man from harm at the hand of others or himself. Please, protect him.

I also pray that somehow You would make a way for him to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lord, I don’t think he is seeking redemption, but an escape. I pray instead he would have a divine encounter with truth. I pray he would be saved and delivered.

Lord, I cannot begin to understand his choices. I don’t want to know the things that have been done to him, or the things he has done to others. I don’t want to know the debauchery that has defined his life. He’s excelled at every sin on the list! He’s a perfect specimen of a life lived for self.

Yet, I know that his sin is not so different than mine, in that all sin separates us from You. We are who grade our sins against some imaginary scale, but all sin is equal at the Cross. All sin can be covered by Your precious blood. So, I pray for Hunter what I have prayed for many other men these past 16 years: please, stop him. Put an end to his running. Sit him a jail cell next to a New Brother, Lord. Let him be humbled, that pride broken, so that he will recognize his need for You. God, please, forgive him for what he has done. Bring him to justice, and bring him to salvation.

Oh, Lord. Please, give him one more chance to know You as his Lord and Savior.

In the precious name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

For This Child I Prayed

Riding home on the train the day I learned I was expecting, I began to pray for my baby’s future spouse. That first day I had no idea if I was praying for a husband or a wife, but I knew God knew, and I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss a single opportunity to intercede for the person who would one day be the most important person in my child’s life. I distinctly recall telling the Lord that I wanted him or her to be as happy in their marriage as I was (and am) in mine. Marriage had been such a trans-formative experience for me—so utterly fulfilling. And, as I had prayed for my own husband since I was 14, I thought this would be the absolute right thing to do for my child. And, I would have their whole life to pray!  I could pray for my child’s one-day-spouse all his or her whole life, too. And, the day Hannah was born, when I knew I was praying for a husband, I began praying with even more specificity.  When I look at Tim, in my heart I say, “For this child I prayed.” I prayed for him all of his life! I remember praying for him in junior high. And, high school, and in those college years. I prayed for his parents, I prayed for his job, I prayed for his purity. I prayed for everything and anything that came to mind. I had no idea for whom I was praying, but I knew my prayers mattered. I knew I was praying for someone real; I was praying for someone God had chosen for my daughter.

About the time Hannah started to begin thinking seriously about what kind of man she would marry, I wrote my own personal “wish list,” and began praying over it. I have always been in the habit of writing prayer lists, because when we write down our requests we give the Lord an opportunity to prove Himself to us. I have often looked back at old prayer lists and had my faith increase, seeing how God answered requests that seemed impossible. In the ministry, this is especially true. Men’s names that showed up on list after list, for years, and where are they now? Free in Christ! It’s great!

So, I wrote my list of what I wanted in Hannah’s future husband. I was pretty specific. It was a step of faith. I stuck it in my prayer journal, and over the years I would remind the Lord of my list. I would pray for him accordingly, using my list to remind how to pray.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I remembered my list. I hadn’t thought much about it in recent months, since Tim came into our lives. But, I think the Holy Spirit wanted an opportunity to prove Himself. He reminded me, and I read down the long list I’d written. I was kind of amazed.  Would you like to see it?

Page One…image

Page Two…

I’m happy to tell you that Tim is indeed an answer to prayer. As I watch my daughter become his wife, I will be celebrating my God who hears—if we will only ask. Saturday is very much about Tim and Hannah, but it is even more about a loving God who answers prayer.

By the way, Doug had a list, too. I urged him to give a wish list of his own. Would you like to see it?


Yup. That was all Doug wanted. He said, “Well, I know your list will include everything important, so this is the one thing that matters most to me.” I dare say this might be the most important thing we prayed for, and it is definitely something the Lord answered. I have a grateful heart. The Lord has done a very good thing here.