Let The Gardening Begin!

  Do you see that little patch of sunny dirt?  

 We discovered that this is the sunniest spot in the yard, and it was just a weed “garden.” So, we decided to clear it out and plant some vegetables. (Sunflowers against the fence.)

It needs some compost, and we’ll have to get a longer water hose, but we are hoping to have seeds in the ground by next weekend.

We plan to clear the rest of the weeds along the back fence and plant sunflowers. Maybe, some zinnias, too. 🙂 We are halfway done!

 I am new to the gardening hobby, but every year I love it more. Two years ago, when I started, Doug would watch me and say, “It makes me so happy to see you doing this.” He knew gardening was something I had always longed to do, but was very intimidated by. Now, he is joining me in this wonderful, new adventure, and it’s even more fun to work on it together.

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