Saturday Evening Post: 12/2/17

Well, this has been an exciting week: our granddaughter celebrated her first birthday! There were sprinkles everywhere, and a pool full of happy children swimming with their daddies. My heart was full, too. I sat by the pool and just absorbed all the good “feels,” as Hannah used to say. The event reminded me of my dad swimming with my older sisters—and of me sitting it out with my Mom, or hugging the side of the pool. I was always afraid of the water. Lucy, however, is not afraid. She is brave and it was so nice to see her looking so natural. I suspect it won’t be long, before she is jumping in on her own.  Birthday Girl was pretty tired after swimming; I don’t think she managed to eat any cake.


Went to the remains of an estate this week. It was a very strange experience. I really felt like I was visiting the remains of my own home. She collected things that I have collected. Read books I’ve read. It was unsettling. I could easily imagine that if I had been here age, my basement would have probably looked exactly like hers. The realtor just wanted to get rid of stuff, so she would have given us anything we wanted. I just wanted a little table for my sewing machine. Found it. Found some unexpected items, too.


This had very old stickers covering the logos, so all I knew was that it was a clean carry-on from the 1960’s—with ugly stickers. After I soaked the stickers off, I was excited to see it was for Northeast Airlines. I was also surprised. I didn’t know about their Yellowbirds—learned that thanks to Google. Anyway, if one can have a favorite airline, NE is mine. Did you know that Amelia Earhart co-founded Northeast Airlines? Me, neither! Not sure what I will do with it, but it might be a nice crocheting bag. Maybe, Lucy can use it for her dolls one day. I don’t know. I just saw it and knew she had held onto it a long time. I wasn’t going to let it go to the dump.



This is my favorite item. I just love little chests, little tables. I was very excited to find this. It is a missing a knob, but that’s an easy fix.


This, well, once again I just identified with this woman, and thought this was something that couldn’t go to the dump. It’s bits of her sewing kit, and I saw it and wanted to rescue it. I have my Mother’s and my Mother-in-Law’s sewing kits, too. I guess I’m kinda weird.


This is a lovely set of coffee cups, with a creamer and sugar bowl. It was in her basement, on a low shelf. She had other old China around that was very tempting (one of weaknesses), but this set was unique. The realtor told me there were four dinner plates upstairs in the same pattern. If I don’t use them, I will try to give them to someone who will.

So, this week s over, and it was pretty easy-going. I was glad to get to recover from the four big events of last week.  In case you missed it, I wrote about the Thanksgiving gifts on Thursday. Check it out.

God is so good, so kind! In the midst of all the turmoil in our world, it is important to remember that. It’s important to remember that God’s character is unchanging.

 “I have been young and now I am old.
And in all my years I have never seen
the Lord forsake a man who loves him;
nor have I seen the children
of the godly go hungry.”
Psalm 37:25 (TLB)

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