My Saturday Evening Post: 12/9/17

Lots of pictures and videos ahead. You have been warned! LOL

The Upstairs Neighbors* were out of town this week. They arrived back home early Saturday morning, and it was so good to hold them all in my arms. Lucy came home with a pretty bad cold that she shared with her Daddy. So, when Tim requested chicken soup, I offered to make it. Making broth is one of my favorite things.

While I was cooking, I heard a sound that I had been missing this week. I sneakily slipped my phone into the bedroom and captured Doug and Lucy singing books. 



We had our first snow today. and it was mostly very nice. Grateful we had a cozy place to be, and glad we finished our Fall clean-up yesterday.  Can you believe my pansies are still alive? They are rather neglected, but still alive. I brought them to our enclosed porch. 

2017-12-08 13.38.31

My parsley was still alive, too.  Even covered in snow, it looked pretty healthy. I added some to the broth.

My 2017 garden in three pictures. I have so many pictures of my garden. I’m so grateful the Lord has given me this garden. It is such a kindness. 

I will say goodbye with lots of love, and share one more video. It is my sweet husband singing to the Lord. Yes, he is The Saxophone Player, but he has a few other talents. ❤

God is so good!
*Our daughter and her family live in the upstairs apartment—be still my heart!

2 thoughts on “My Saturday Evening Post: 12/9/17

  1. Very diversified post . I savored the broth in picture .
    Then you hiusband singing to the granddaughter Christmas songs and at last I liked to hear him singing with the piano. He is filled with talents and blessings.
    Thanks Caroline for the birthday wishes for Janine.
    Love ❤


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