Blah blah blah apple cider vinegar blah blah blah-blah blah.

2018-01-16 17.10.37

There are more than enough words already written about the benefits of drinking ACV, so I’m not going to add to the clog. I will just say that it makes a difference for me.

If you’re curious, do your research. It might really be worth your while to take the time to learn more.



2018-01-18 15.16.15

Well, I was going to share a picture of my pretty elixer, but I looked over it was was already gone.  I’m tellin’ you, it’s delicious!

I take two tablespoons a day in water, sometimes with orange juice. It doesn’t matter how much water, and you don’t really need more than two tablespoons of OJ. I prefer the brand in the photo, but it only matters that it is not distilled and has the ‘mother.’ Don’t think too hard about what the ‘mother’ is, just shake it up and drink it down—with a straw. Always use a straw.

À votre santé!

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