Saturday Evening Post: 1-20-18

• Disappointed for the Upstairs Neighbors. They had such a special weekend planned. We aren’t sure what happened, but have some guesses. Mom is doing better today, but says something is definitely different. Praying Isaac (due in March) stays put.

• Saw this on Facebook tonight:

2018-01-21 00.00.31
To say this grieved my heart would be an understatement. In a a city where the spiritual needs are so profound, how can a church explain using this precious resource for such business? A.W. Tozer had many fine exhortations for the Christian church of his day, and he is who came to mind as I thought about this sign.

• Overall, this has been a hard week. Spiritually challenging. Still fighting last week’s bug, which seems to have morphed into a chest cold. Very behind on my administrative work for the ministry. I can only hope Monday brings more strength and progress. And, fewer coughs and crises.

• The Saxophone Player brought me a little bunch of flowers this week. Tonight, the light was just right and I could capture their vibrant colors exactly as my eye saw them. Cheered my weary heart.

Spring is coming!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post: 1-20-18

  1. Yes. The quotes are right on.

    I hope you are feeling better soon, and I so understand the challenges these days for many of us. God is with us. Church will be in our hearts in these days.

    A hug.

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