The Doctrine of Jezebel

This is a message by Rev. David Wilkerson. It was preached at Times Square Church in New York City on January 18, 1988.

00:00    Introduction: Revelation 2:18-29
03:40    Jezebel Defined
05:37    Why Christ is against Thyatira: Revelation 2:18-29, Revelations 1:14
11:25    The Mark of a Seduced Christian: Hebrews 13:9
13:47    The Mark of a Mature Christian: Ephesians 4:13-15
17:30    Only Two Doctrines in the Bible.
18:00    Doctrine #1: Titus 2:10-15
25:00    Doctrine #2: I Timothy 6:3-5
27:05    Three Distinct Marks of the Doctrine of Jezebel: I Kings 16:30-31, Ezekiel 22:25-29,
I Kings 21:1-7, I Kings 18:38-39, I Kings 19:1-2, Jeremiah 7:24-28, I Kings 21:27-19,
I Kings 20:31-34, I Kings 22:7-18
1:04:52  Conclusion: I Kings 22:19-23, Jeremiah 7:8-10

Three Distinct Marks of the Doctrine of Jezebel
1. Teaches something evil can be good. Something profane can be sanctified and made pure. 1 Kings 16:30-31
2. Promotes covetousness. 1 Kings 21:1-7
3. Hates God’s prophets and godly prophecies. 1 Kings 18:38-39, I Kings 19:1-2

“If you’re going to church, and you can hide your sins, and you can walk out and go right to your idols without feeling uncomfortable about it, you better watch out. You better watch out, because it’s going to get easier and easier to hide more sins than that. You’re going to add idol upon idol, until finally you’ll not feel the conviction. You won’t be able to hear a word that’ll bring the conviction.” (David Wilkerson)

“When you embrace a sin, if you’re going to hold onto something in your life, the next step is to embrace a doctrine that will justify it.” (David Wilkerson)

“There is a way to be absolutely sure you will never be deceived: come to the light and let Jesus expose every hidden thing, and lay it down.” (David Wilkerson)

“I want to say in no uncertain terms tonight it’s dangerous, critically dangerous, to sit under false teaching. False doctrine can damn you to Hell probably quicker than any other sin on the face of the earth. I believe that false doctrine by false teachers are sending more people to Hell than all the drug dealers and booze sellers and the atheists on the face of this earth.” (David Wilkerson)

“False teachers and false preachers and false doctrines are sending more people to Hell than all the drug pushers and all the pimps and prostitutes on the face of the earth.” (David Wilkerson)

“Multitudes of blind Christians are going to churches and singing and shouting and praising the Lord in churches that are enslaved by false doctrine, and they don’t even know it. Thousands are sitting under this and they’re having this gospel poured into them, in fact they’re so blind they’re going out and saying, ‘Isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t it glorious?'” (David Wilkerson)

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