Saturday Evening Post: 1/27/18

Ate a bunch of spinach this week. That made me happy.

2018-01-21 14.11.38

This crossed my path on Facebook this week and made me see red—the red marker I wanted to use to blot it out! This is a terribly wrong message for at least three reasons.

  1. The only wounds that have healing virtue are the wounds Christ endured for our sake. Proof #1 Proof #2
  2. If your greatest “life message” isn’t the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the new life you found in Him, you do not have a godly ministry.
  3. Ministry belongs to God. He calls, anoints, and appoints. He gets to decide HOW He uses the vessel He has chosen. The vessel does not decide how it will be used.

I don’t know why RW is so revered by so many Christians. I really don’t find him to be very devout or to have sound doctrine.


We had a warm day today, so Lucy and her parents made it out to the park. The overalls she is wearing were once worn by her Mommy.  I know it’s really weird that I saved some of her baby things for so long, but I really have not regretted getting to see Lucy use them. She’s such a precious lamb. We ate popcorn and watched her favorite movie tonight. Best part of my day.

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