Saturday Evening Post: 2/17/18

Last year, three friends published books. Three! I have rather impressive friends, don’t I? Today, a fourth friend’s book was published, and her book has something very different about it.


Now, really, each book is unique and quite special, and I think you should check them all out. However,Peace Unfettered by Qene’ Manon Jeffers is different, because I had the distinct privilege of writing the forward. I was so surprised and honored to be asked to do this, but when Qene’ asked me I couldn’t help asking: “Are you sure about that?!” I was not worthy, but I could not refuse someone whose words have meant so much to me.

A Peace Unfettered is also different, because it is intended to spiritually minister to you. Her stories, all based on her real life, will encourage your heart and inspire your faith—no matter where you may find yourself today. In fact, if you are struggling in your walk of faith, I especially encourage you to keep a copy close at hand. Her stories are short, sweet, and spiritually sound. They will give you lift, a burst of hope right when you need it. She also shares a miraculous healing she experienced two years ago. You will be in awe of God’s healing power, as you read how He brought her through a life-threatening illness.

You may read a short excerpt from the book and learn more about Qene’ on her author’s page: CLICK HERE. Check out all of my friends’ books!

Rollerskating in a Buffalo Herd” by Rosalie J. Karjala (June 2017)
Simple Things” by Suzanne Schaffer (July 2017)
When We Were You’re Age” by Anne G.D. Smith (December 2017)
A Peace Unfettered” by Qene’ Manon Jeffers (February 2018)

We have a snow storm outside right now, but earlier this week it was actually warm enough for Lucy to take her very first stroll outside.

Getting to be a grandparent with the Saxophone Player is probably my favorite thing ever.

I just love cows. Can’t wait to take Lucy to a farm this Spring, and introduce her to the real thing.
2018-02-17 14.40.01


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