Saturday Evening Post: 2/24/18

Is it really Saturday, already?

The week is blur right now. What happened? Did I accomplish anything? I don’t know if I did. Made several dinners. Washed lots of dishes. Spent precious hours with my granddaughter.


Received a copy of Qene’s book. Read my forward, and was surprised by myself. Qene came into my life at a rather critical time, and that was the story I shared in the forward. I’ve never written with such detail about that season in our lives, but it was important to explain how serious things were in order to convey the true worth of her writing ministry. Nonetheless, it took me by surprise. I know that was the Holy Spirit, because I know her book is anointed of God. I know it is going to bless many people.

We had a Spring day on Wednesday, but Winter was back on Thursday.

Did some work in the attic on Friday. The snow was almost all gone. The sunflower patch is that dark spot on the left  of the second picture.

This crazy weather has me tempted to start planting, but the sunshine doesn’t last long. It’s really strange. Tonight they predict sleet. Snow tomorrow. As strange as it is to have 70 degree weather in February, though, it would really be strange to have snow in August. If that ever happens, well, I’ll be sure to take a picture!

Have a blessed Sunday. ❤

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