Saturday Evening Post: 3/3/18

When Saturday arrives, I look back through my photos to remind myself what I did (or didn’t) do that week. I don’t have many pictures this week, because I got hit by a pretty bad cold on Monday night. That kinda shut me down.

I found a few, though.

I downloaded this from Facebook, to text a friend. She was dealing with Fear and Doubt, and I think this is just about the best verse for all those mind tricks Satan likes to play on us.


I follow “C.S.Lewis” on Twitter. Well, not really—just someone who shares a quote of his every day. This quote reminded me of an important lesson I seem to keep forgetting.


On Sunday, Tim took Lucy for a swim. I love watching him be a daddy.


I have two sisters: the Philosopher and the Historian. As Tim & Lucy swam, I noticed this beautiful plumeria, and I thought to myself: where else in New England could a plumeria thrive in February? The Historian has a way with plants. She is a nurturer, though, so I am not entirely surprised. It is one the qualities she inherited from our mother.

Looking at the week ahead, I have a lot before me. Lots of praying to do. We’ll see how things go.

God bless you! 

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