Saturday Evening Post: 4/28/18

  • So, I finished my paperwork.
  • We had a great quarterly Board meeting.
  • Shared the ministry at one of our partnering churches.
  • We are working hard on what is coming in the months ahead, and it’s going well.
  • Treated the ladies at the Great Hill Shelter to Popeye’s Fried Chicken, and that was very cool. I would like to take in food once a month.
  • I love the work we do, and it all starts with praying. Then, waiting. Pray, wait. repeat. The fight is real, so nothing good can happen without prayer, in His time. So, it’s nice when we get to a place where the wind is at our back, so to speak, and we can dig in and get busy. That’s how it’s feeling right now, like a season of waiting has passed. Lots to do, while the doing is good.
  • My daughter made me a birthday cake this week. Excellent, gluten-free, and very cheery. She also helped Lucy give me the best gift. We had dinnertogether, with a special guest. It was a very nice day.
  • It was a very good week.

God bless you!


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