Saturday Evening Post: 5/12/18

The past few weeks are a bit of a blur. The nice weather has gotten me outside more, and that helps me keep my sanity. My work is mostly in front of a computer screen, and usually painstaking. Being able to do something completely different, and kind of rough and messy, like pull some weeds, is very good therapy.

I am mainly growing flowers this year, and Doug has offered to redo my brick boarders. They’re awful, but what an I say? I laid them without knowing what I was doing. Kinda like the peony flowerbed. I didn’t expect the peonies to even live, and had no idea how much room they needed. I just had a dream of peonies growing in my yard, and took a chance.

In the fall, I will dig them up and arrange them better than they are now—very off-center, crowded on one side. Who knew they would multiply? We’ll also be able to level the bed a little better, too. It’s at a strange angle now. But, the peonies are growing, I moved the daisies that wanted to choke them out last year, and the weeding is complete. I’m satisfied.

Like I say, I’m a hack gardener. I’m learning as I go, and doing the best with my limitations. I’m more than content!

Lucy loves being outside, which makes for a lot of  fun. We fly a little kite in the yard, and she laughs and laughs when her grandmother runs to make it fly. She likes kicking a ball. Loves to chase bubbles. Loves to dip the bubble wand in the soap. She’s learning to blow the seeds off a dandelion. Watering plants is a favorite thing—she even took her watering can into the neighbor’s yard, looking for something more to water. She’s a constant source of joy. God has been so kind.

God bless you all today. I know Mother’s Day isn’t a happy day for everyone, so my prayers are with you.<3

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