Saturday Evening Post 8/18/18

There are certain things I am just not going to do anymore.

Overall, my yard this year is a bit of a wild mess. Not a lot to share, but I wouldn’t want to season to pass without mentioning it.

  • The weather has been very hot and humid. Reminds me of summer in Ohio.
  • Rain has been helpful. Hopefully, it helps relieve this drought, but for now watering is only allowed two evenings a week.
  • Had already planned to keep the garden small, but I am very glad I listened to a friend who said, “Just go throw some seeds out, anyway. Go on!” As a result, I have two tomato and four summer squash plants. No tomatoes or squash, yet, but that’s OK. At least something is growing.
  • Doug planted some more pintos this year, and they are doing great. I think he’ll actually have enough for a pot of beans. Well, a small pot.
  • I did plant lots of flowers—over 20 zinnias and several sunflowers. They are doing very well!
  • I have a wild tomato. It comes back year after year. It’s kind of a crazy thing. And, it’s more than one plant. In fact, one day I thought I was pulling out weeds, but it was actually a bunch of seedlings all growing together. I managed to separate the roots and have eight more tomato plants.
2018-08-15 15.06.01

My wild tomato.


  • Last week I tossed some green onion seeds and marigold seeds in some dirt. They’re coming along. I don’t know what chance the marigolds have of blooming before the first frost.

    2018-08-15 15.06.54 HDR

    Green onion seedlings. So delicate!

  • I have three other pots with some good soil that are begging for life. I was thinking I’d plant something hardy that will survive the Autumn cold. Any suggestions? Kale comes to mind. It likes the cold. My parsley lived well past frost last year. Maybe, I try that.
  • One bit of fancifying to the garden this year: Doug redid the border for my flower bed. It looks so nice!

Though we haven’t had the time to play in the garden much, we do get to play in it with Lucy more. That’s pretty awesome. She doesn’t mind the untrimmed edges and overgrown grass. She doesn’t notice the weeds. She always loves to look at the flowers and give them a sniff. Then, she’ll grab the flower head with her little fist to pick it. She is a charming brute with those little buds.


P.S. This little guy isn’t playing outside this summer, but as active as he is at five-months, I’m guessing he’ll be running around soon!



One thought on “Saturday Evening Post 8/18/18

  1. You have a beautiful garden , Caroline, very diversified where all of the plants sowed are gowing successfully. Your sunflower is the king of the garden . I noticed also the black soil, very good.
    Your grand children find or will find ( for the second) many topics of interest
    A garden is precious and raise the sense of the observation and investigation.
    Thanks for your kind comment
    Love ❤


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