Take Ten

“Friendly suggestions are as pleasant as perfume.”
Proverbs 27:9 (TLB)

I think it’s important for everyone to give themselves a break.

Literally, give yourself ten minutes to do nothing. No matter how busy your life is, how behind schedule you are, how much is left on your list—give yourself permission to take a break.

  • No media.
  • No reading.
  • No phone calls.
  • No text messages.
  • No thinking.
  • No talking.
  • No worries.
  • No excuses.
  • No guilt.

Just rest. Close your eyes. Quiet your mind. Take a power nap. Count your breaths. Put your feet up, or stand outside. No walking, though, because that’s too much like exercise.

If you want a cup of something or glass of another, have it ready before you go. No pouring or stirring allowed on this break.

Then, just stop your work, and walk away. (It will all be there, when you get back.) Don’t make a big to-do of it, just tell the world you’re on your ten.

2018-04-27 12.09.57

I’m a big fan of productivity and hard work, but sometimes we just need a break. We need a breather. And, we need not feel like we’re doing something naughty, because we shut our eyes for two minutes. Did you know that just a ten-minute nap can boost your energy and focus for hours? Yet, instead of giving ourselves permission to stop, we make ourselves keep pressing-on. I admire persistence and perseverance, but we need to allow ourselves to step away and tune out.

Hope you’ll consider this friendly advice. 🙂


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