Saturday Evening Post: 10/10/18

• Today is Blog #16 for Blog-tober, my month to blog every day. Still working on catching up. (It should be Blog #20.) It has been a very interesting experience.

• Doug said the French Toast Casserole was a win. No pictures, but also no leftovers. That’s a good sign.

• I made a 7-blade roast for supper. My mother loved this cut of meat. She made it almost every week.  On Sunday morning she was in the kitchen prepping her huge roaster pan, surrounding the roast with all the classic vegetables. She set the oven temperature very low, and lunch was always ready by the time we got home from church.

Recently, these roasts were on sale at the market, so I decided to try to replicate her Sunday Supper. I seasoned the meat the way I’d watched her season meat so many times, and let it just cook and cook and cook. She said, “You almost can’t ruin this roast. The longer it cooks, the better.” Honestly, it tasted just like her roast. It was such a strong sense memory.  And, on sale, it’s a very affordable piece of beef.

2018-10-20 21.48.30

• My granddaughter started calling me a name this week. Doug is Poppa, and she learned his name almost as soon as she started using intelligible words. I’m called Grammy, but she’s never used it. Well, on Thursday Hannah said she pointed at me and said “Me,” for Grammy. I’m pretty excited.

• I bought this mold at Ikea a couple years ago. I saw it the other day and wondered if those squares weren’t just the right size for her little blocks. I thought it might be a fun way for Lucy to play with letters and words.

2018-10-17 17.02.03

Sure enough, they are just the right size! It’s like an adorable Boggle game. For now, that’s all we’ll do.—practice putting the blocks in.

2018-10-17 17.03.54

• The holidays are fast approaching. I found this very old video from the 1950’s, about a family celebrating Thanksgiving. I’ve seen movies similar to this on YouTube. I don’t know their history, but morality plays seemed to be common in the 1950’s. They are fascinating to me. Very sincere.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Doug is leading worship at a church in Haverhill tomorrow. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’ll be able to join him—having some weird (and painful) foot issues.

God bless you and yours. I hope you find yourself in good company.

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