“Does the Preacher Smell?”

There is no preacher, Bible teacher, or minister who is perfect.

We should not expect to agree with them on everything, or to even like them that much personally.

In fact, sometimes their ministry style might even be disagreeable to us. Maybe, they aren’t compelling, or too emotional? Do their words stumble out of their mouth? Or, are they too smooth? Too well-groomed? Too tan? Too casual? Too formal? The “wrong” gender?

We are picky people!

While an awkward speaker, frumpy-looking pastor, or overly-primped and powdered Bible teacher might not be someone’s preference, it should not cause any of us to reject the biblical truth they present. Being charismatic, attractive, articulate, or agreeable are not requirements for the ministry. We American Christians have made the outward things so important, but we’re wrong. Perhaps, we just don’t want Jesus as much as we want our idols, superheroes, and superstars.

In the coming days, I plan to share some Bible Prophecy messages from various speakers. None of them are perfect. Some of them I’ve had internal battles over myself, because something about them was a hindrance for me. Perhaps, a doctrinal position, their lame jokes, or their style. In certain cases, I still have to win the victory our my pettiness each time I watch them.

It’s a good thing, though. It’s good to be have my petty shallowness called out, because I don’t want to be petty or shallow. I don’t want to miss a good word, just because the vessel God chose doesn’t suit me.

So, that’s my appeal to you. Please, don’t reject a speaker, because the vessel doesn’t appeal to you. Listen first. Test it. Is the critical point he’s making biblically sound? Of course, this is good to remember in any situation where we are on the receiving end of ministry. Guard yourself against being hindered. If the preacher smells, just plug your nose—but keep your ears open. He just might have something to say that God wants you to hear.


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