Counting to 30

We started the weekend trying to define the years of our life. We wanted to pick a highlight or hallmark from each year. Some years it was easy to do, others were sort of a blur. A few years, we just didn’t want to remember.

We also found that it was hard to pick a word to describe some years, because we were often having very different experiences—even though our individual experiences had everything to do with what was happening in the other person’s life.

Ultimately, looking back gave us a lot of perspective. It was informative. Interesting. I think it was a good exercise. Like Doug wrote on Facebook: “You know that God has been in your marriage when you can share with one another the best and the worst of thirty years. and yet be more in love than ever.”

Anyway, we did make a list of sorts, but in the end I don’t know if it’s worth sharing.  Our life has been complicated and wonderful, challenging and beautiful, but all that really matters here is Jesus. His hand has been there through it all, and looking back I see it so clearly, how He walked with us and led us and kept us. In the end, our marriage is something we leave to our children and grandchildren to evaluate, and I hope they see us as flawed as we are and see Him as perfect as He is, knowing that He is why we are still we. ❤

Happy 30th, Saxophone Player. God was so kind to give me you. I know there won’t be marriage in Heaven, but I know we’ll always be best friends. I love you, Doug. XO

5 thoughts on “Counting to 30

  1. What a wonderful photo of you both .
    This is a good idea to collect the years with what was important on them .
    Yes , following the teaching of Jésus led you on the way of love .
    Happy wedding anniversary to you both, Doug and Caroline .
    Love ❤

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  2. Yes Caroline I knew it was about your wedding anniversary ( see my comment above ) but I had not realized your anniversary was on Febrtuary 18th . Yes this is a great day! 🙂
    Love ❤


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