Before And After The Vote


(I wrote this exactly one week ago.)

The general consensus amongst Conservatives is that the Senate would never vote to impeach Trump.

I’m not convinced.

As I really want to keep politics out of this as much as possible, I will leave that there. Let me just say this: any confidence you might have in your political leaders should be measured. Assume nothing. We live in unquestionably crazy times. Just because it’s never happened before, doesn’t mean it could not happen now. In fact, expecting the unexpected is a word to the wise. Unprecedented? Not anymore. Just think about what’s happening in and around the world today:

  • Paris is on fire. Gilets jaunes marked their one-year anniversary last month.
  • Iranians are being arrested and risking almost certain death for the hope of freedom.
  • Young people in Hong Kong are in their seventh month of protests against Communism, waving American flags as they sing hymns and our national anthem.
  • Category 4 hurricanes and 6.0 earthquakes have become commonplace.
  • Mass shootings are so frequent, they are hardly newsworthy unless the media has nothing else to complain about—I mean, report.
  • Sex trafficking is being uncovered in record numbers, yet rapists are getting sentences that are only weeks long.
  • Parents now have the right to not assign a gender their newborn, or change their child’s gender altogether.
  • Pedophilia is being normalized. Twitter now allows nude images of children.
  • Mistakenly identify someone by the wrong pronouns, and you can actually be arrested and put in jail.
  • Satan is now depicted as a bon vivant and sex symbol on TV, while a growing number of churches refuse to even acknowledge his existence.
  • The Rapture, our Blessed Hope, is now taught as false doctrine in mainline, evangelical churches.
  • One may now buy “Christian” versions of the ouija boards and tarot cards.
  • Any lack of self-control is just a mental or emotional health issue, so every bad behavior can be justified. No repentance needed.
  • Israel is facing its third round of elections for a prime minister in less than a year Two elections was unprecedented. What’s the appropriate adjective for three?
  • Homeowners in California dare not ask them homeless to not defecate on their lawns and sidewalks, for fear of retaliation. They know the police will not come to their defense.
  • Due to prison overcrowding in some states, it is legal to break the law.
  • Drug users may now legally inject their illegally purchased drugs in tax-payer funded drug houses. Tax-payers will even provide them a private room for their illegal behavior, with free paraphernalia and medical supervision.
  • There are more wiccans than Presbyterians, while Christian pastors are kissing their faith good-bye.

These are but a few snowflakes on the tippy top of the tip of the iceberg. How easily we could add, “Duly elected U.S. President impeached from office, without evidence of impeachable offense.” Or: “Incoming U.S. President signs Executive Order; calls for rewriting the U.S. Constitution.”

Talk about crazy.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in either one of those last two items being added to the list. Yet, we know there are powers at play in our nation that are committed to seeing both things take place. Not sure how the second item would actually happen, but rules, law, and order don’t seem to matter to some folks in our country. So long as they get the outcome they desire, they will literally lie, cheat, steal, or kill to get it.

No one should be faulted for thinking things are out of control. The fact of the matter is that some things are out of control. And, the media—all of the media—helps create a frenzy. They hype anything they can hype, because it brings more views to their channel. I see it even on independent media sites, the mom-and-pop channels all over YouTube. If a person doesn’t have a right focus, they can very quickly fall to the temptation of Fear, Anxiety, or Confusion. However, that is not God’s will for His children.

Listen, crazy is going to happen. We are living in the End Times, my friends. If we read the Bible, we knew this was coming. None the less, God does not want us to be consumed by the crazy. He doesn’t want that to be our focus, or our concern. What God said would happen, will happen. We can take comfort in that. Actually, we should take comfort in that. We are getting to witness incredible things right before eyes. And, if we know Christ as our Lord and Savior, we want to also be looking up. Despite the naysayers, our blessed hope is as sure as ever.

So, weighing all these facts, I have considered how I should pray for our country and for our President. I pray for the will of God, but I also believe we can make our requests known. We can ask God for anything. He will not violate His will or His Word, but we can ask. We won’t ever get in trouble with God for asking.

That is why I am praying our President will not be impeached. Not by the house, and not by the Senate. I know full well that God can honor His Word any which way He pleases, and The Holy Spirit reminded me again that His ways are not my ways. In essence, He said, “You think an impeachment is the worst thing that can happen to him, because you don’t see things the way I do.” I know that. God might even allow President Trump to even be removed from office. Who knows? His ways are NOT our ways. The fact of the matter is that it has been my strong inclination to believe that President Trump will not finish his first term. That is not my hope at all, and certainly not my prayer, but there are bigger things happening than this. In the end, it might not be about what’s best for a condemned nation, but what is best for the man himself. America cannot be saved, but for President Trump that’s a different story. I don’t know God’s will for President Trump, other than it is not His will that any should perish. 

So, I am going to pray the President’s enemies are scattered and Wednesday’s vote fails to impeach him. That’s what I’m going to believe God for right now. If that is not what happens, than I will begin praying about the Senate vote. Yet, overriding these prayers are my prayers for God’s will. Whoever is President of the United States, we are still living in the End Times. The Rapture is imminent. The Tribulation is not far after. What is coming will be a mix of wonderful and terrifying. Hopefully, we all miss the terror.

(I wrote this last night.)

I am very sorry Trump was impeached in the House. What’s happening in our country is just very sad. I don’t understand the hatred. I don’t understand the evil. I can’t believe the lawlessness. In the past four to five years, more wickedness has been uncovered in America than I could have imagined. Not just in the government, but wickedness in our hearts is being uncovered, too. People are showing their true colors. Spiritual leaders, churches, academia, entertainment, amusement parks—you name it—their true colors are being seen.  Doug just read to me today the sex-ed curriculum Planned Parenthood is teaching in public schools. I cannot even process how wicked it is, how wrong.  As in the days of Noah? How much worse will it get? I pray to God I don’t have to find out.

God bless President Trump. I am so grateful for him. He has done so much for America, but he has done even more for Israel. I never imagined the things he would do. I’ve breathlessly watched his decisions concerning Israel, hardly believing what my eyes were seeing and my ears were hearing. I rejoiced when he declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel, but I was speechless when he actually moved the embassy.  In awe, I listened to the news of his recognition of Israel’s rule over the Golan Heights. These are the biggies, but there have been many others.

Then, just a couple weeks ago, I learned the biggest of the biggies, that our President, the leader of the free world, was affirming that Judea and Samaria belong to Israel. I nearly passed out.

Is it any wonder he is so despised?

I don’t know how God will honor what President Trump has done, but I don’t believe Jehovah will forget him. I know a few folks who will be very shocked to meet on those golden streets in Heaven.

Until then, I keep praying—for him, for you, for me, for God’s will to be done on the earth, and for that soon-coming day when we will meet Jesus in the air.