In November, I began having these moments where I thought it was already January 2020, and I was looking back at November, remembering it as thought it had already happened. This kept happening. It felt so real, that it was already January.

As the days turned into December, I kept having this experience, thinking it was already January 2020. It was such a strange experience, that I decided maybe the Holy Spirit was trying to draw my attention to January. I started to pray about January. I started to pray for our country, the Body of Christ, Israel, the Middle East, the world, the lost. I felt especially burdened for our country, and for the Body of Christ in America. I don’t feel afraid, but concerned. Can anyone relate? I don’t know if what’s happening in the Middle East right now is what I was praying about, but I can say I am definitely praying about it now.

  • If you are curious to know what is happening in the Middle East, I would encourage you to listen to Amir Tsafarti’s updates. He will be broadcasting a special update on Sunday. Amir is an Israeli citizen and Christian Jew. He teaches on Bible prophecy, and brings a unique perspective to Middle East events. Here is the link to his website: Behold Israel. I believe his update on January 5th will be very important. If you do not watch it live, be sure to check out his YouTube channel. It will be posted there. The link is: Middle East Updates
  • Pastor J.D. Farag posts a Bible prophecy update most weeks, and I expect his update tomorrow will be very informative. J.D. is a Christian Arab who pastors a Calvary Chapel church in Hawaii. His updates usually land on YouTube about 4PM EST. This is the link to his Bible prophecy updates on YouTube: Pastor J.D.

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