A Time For Spiritual Warfare

I was thinking last night about the riots planned for Boston today. This upsets me so much. I love Boston, a city full of art and history, and it makes me sick to think of people vandalizing any if it. I hate what I have seen happening across America, and it makes me afraid to think of what’s coming—to Boston, or anywhere else. Every day, the violence and vandalism escalates. I don’t like where I see things going.


Last night I remembered the Lord burdening my heart to pray for 2020. I took a lot of comfort in realizing that He knew what was coming, and not only was calling me to be pray in advance of this hellish year, but was calling up many other intercessors to pray, too.

Folks, we aren’t done with these protests and riots, but I’m already wondering, “What’s next?” Aren’t you? We really need to pray—but not only pray. We need to intercede. We need to stand in the gap.

There is a great conspiracy at play here, and I don’t mean the deep state or antifa. I’m talking about the Devil’s conspiracy against mankind.


In the big picture, these riots and protest are insignificant. The real battle that we need to engage in is the one for souls. We need to recognize what Satan is doing. The only purpose of this rebellion is death—spiritual and physical death. As Christians, if we don’t care about the people who are losing their souls, it doesn’t matter what we may lose in this fight.

In other words, there should be no thing on this earth that we value more than the souls of those who do not know Christ. I hate what I see happening in my country. I hate all the evil and injustice I see. God forbid you are accused of committing a crime, without a million dollars in the bank for your defense. Good luck! Working in prison and aftercare ministry has been an education I never wanted, but I’m grateful to have received.

Yet, my cause cannot be earthly justice or equality. This is an oxymoron! Nothing on this earth will ever be just, because the prince of this world is Satan. My fight is not against the consequences of his reign, but for the victims of his tyranny.

Friends, this upheaval in America will soon pass. The terror will end, windows will be repaired, and rioters will go back home. Men and women seeking purpose, power, validation, or justice by marching—peacefully, or not—will still be seeking those same things, when these marches end.


Don’t you recognize the desperation on the face of protestors today? It is no different from what we saw during Ferguson, Rodney King , or even the Watts riots. Satan hasn’t changed—his methods are the same, and the affect is, too. Those whom he torments will always be subject to fear, rage, and despair. It’s not cool, and asChristians we really need to recognize our call to stand in the gap for those who have been deceived by the Enemy and lured into his trap. He has an objective for these souls: eternal damnation.

Satan is at work here to bring Fear. Fear fuels the hatred and anger that lead to the hopeless desperation, and ultimate lawlessness. This is what I believe, spiritually speaking, when I think about this evil divide between humans.


This is my call to my brothers and sisters in Christ. Will you stand in the gap on behalf of these who are marching, protesting, and rioting? For the peaceful demonstrators, it may be easy to pray for them. However, those who are screaming profanities, shoving police officers, stealing, and destroying property need prayer, too.

In fact, I dare say prayer for the “bad guys” is the only way this all stops. The National Guard can stop behavior, but they cannot bring the healing balm of the Holy Spirit. They cannot bring peace to a heart full of hatred.

Church, I challenge you to look on these lawless ones with compassion and faith. FAITH! Isn’t God able? Isn’t He big enough? Yes, He is—our God is more than enough, and more than able. However, we have pray.


2 thoughts on “A Time For Spiritual Warfare

  1. Yes. There is definitely a spiritual fight going on in the country. Have you seen the number of the HR Bill that eludes to vaccines? I’m disappointed on leaders even, governors who were supposed to be conservative behaving more moderately. What has become of us?

    I’m so sickened and haunted by what happened to Mr. Floyd and understand how some of this rioting might have started even though of course I do not agree with it, how people were feeling but even black businesses are being burnt to the ground, I saw a black man in tears because his business is burnt. He cries out he doesn’t know what he’s going to do?! None of this is right. None of the destruction is right for anyone. Now we’re seeing islamic patterns in the destruction too, synagogues being destroyed etc. You are very correct. We better get down and pray and pray hard. God is bigger.

    I appreciate you! (hugs) Psalms 91


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